She’s a little sadomasochist

With narcissist  tendencies.

They thought one day she was the symptom

But she was truly the disease.

Found her in a graveyard

Petting a long dead cat.

Lightening struck that area 20 times,

But never where she sat.

Crying wasn’t an option

She’d never pay that toll.

One thing women never realize

Is they are completely in control.

You can talk to her in anger

Call her all the dirty names.

Apologize like an ignorant fool,

But she’s already played these games.


Damage done in haste one day

Led to a sleepless night

It was more of what came from his mouth

Than thinking about the fight.

When she speaks of him it is deafening

She always wears a frown.

I asked her if she’d continue the battle

Then I saw her lay her sword down.