Seasoned, like a piece of meat

Ready to be put to the test.

Honor is such a crazy word

We Americans use in jest.

Forcing the hands of others

Taken with ruthless force

We hand the enemy the weapon

So it is their fault, of course.


Hands tell a story

Of a long forgotten past.

It is great to be a first love

But even better to be the last.


Crying, she hears him tell her

Maybe this isn’t right

They cannot have forever

But maybe they can have tonight.


The way we deal everyday

With senseless and heartless voilence

Is to sit at home and watch it

In silence.


Stricken with a disability

She’s unable to perform.

Lights, camera, and everything she remembers

Now is not her norm.

“Everything in due time”

But life has taken its course.

She’d once asked for prince

Now she’d be happy with the horse.


Crazy is a heart that loves

Once pieces laying on the floor

You hope they only see your eyes

They never see the door.