When I’m in the middle

I’m too far right.

When I’m backing up

I’m leaving the scene of the fight.

It’s always the scene that creates the diversion

The crash that always settles the score

One diversion away from a deal

One night stand away from being a whore.

I’m one second too late from the sale

One minute longer and he would have made up his mind

One hour later they would have taken my offer

One day after they’ve already signed.


They always say I’m crazy doubting what’s real

But what am I supposed to believe?

One second after I accepted the deal

They decided it was time to leave.


So I stand in the middle of nothing

Hoping someone will point me the way

Wishing someone would decide that I’m worth it

That I would be their reason to stay.


Where I stand I is in opposition

Sometimes of reality itself.

What one person find so endearing

Another dusts once a week on a shelf.