The heavy rains

Clouds hovered over

Lightening took the faith in me

Yet I refused to take cover.

Wishing you were what you said

I finally laid down my shield

That was then, this is now

Today I would not yield.

I don’t think I miss you anymore

You’re just another lock on a shut door.

Another person that walked out on the best of me

Left me laying there on the floor.


Last night I laid in the arms of love

Knowing every breath I took was his.

Reminding me there is peace on Earth

Wandering if this is what I would miss.

He gives me this peace of mind

That sometimes I seem to forget

When I do he reminds me

And I thank everything that we met.


I don’t think I miss you anymore

You, and your pack of lies

I think I like it better here

Looking forward to your demise.