The lights and sirens were silent and dark

When crept in a monstrous doubt.

We seek, we yearn, we know the truth

But we must never, ever shout.

There were things left unsaid

Like I shouldn’t have caught the stone

What was I supposed to do

When you decided to abdicate the throne?

Whispers are all it ever was

A scent that remained.

We came, we conquered, did our best

Yet everyone is slain.

A fragment of time in a window

Scenes of a life you never knew.

We all know that without nourishment

This love within us never grew.

Now we lick the aftermath

In twisted, fucked up heads.

What couldn’t possibly touch our hearts

Somehow ends up in our beds.

In a fit of anger one hasty night

He decides to walk away.

I shrug my shoulders, look around

I wasn’t really thinking he would stay.