Shined my shoes for a dance

When there was no intention of my presence.

Silence had always been my demise

But force has always been my essence.

Calculating nearly every step

It took to get to the stairs.

We open up with honesty

Then tend to put on airs.

Tightly fitting corset

Black, for all the demise.

When silence fucks the atmosphere

We act like it was a surprise.

Stockings to my thighs

The whip is in my hands.

You may cross the Atlantic twice

But you’ll never hit these lands.

A female with the curse

Knowing, not feeling.

Sends the sands that count their freedom

In a moment, left reeling.

When the trust in all of it fades

We don’t call it all a martyr.

Trust me, you’ll do it

When I tell you I want it harder.