One in the direction of goodness
There is no other form like this
White, glaring, and understood
A hit within a miss.

The next in the direction of bad
It has to be around
What is lost within the darkness
May someday, be found.

Another in the direction of loyalty
Beating in a heart forever torn.
She may be withered in aftermath
But she will never be worn.

Suddenly one appears as caution
To a path nobody should take
Sometimes those that would cause harm
Know not what is at stake.

One shines so beautifully on love
You can barely take your eyes.
Then the one that shines over that
Is the obnoxious set of lies.

Obvious is the light of truth
You will not mistake this one.
It dims all the other in comparison
Like a star, to the sun.

The last is the light of survival
It needs no introduction.
We don’t require the urge to breathe
We had that from our induction.

Doubled is a shooting star
Pointed toward the sun.
One year, one mistake
From light you cannot run.