You could have heard a pin drop
Nobody moved in the place.
Everyone sat staring at her
With this shocked look on their face.

When she told them everything
Every hurt she received.
It was a moment of agony
That nobody would have believed.

It was a story that rocked the world
About a woman that abused this child.
How she was thrown into this terrible family
Then, of course, was defiled.

You could have heard a pin drop
As her tears fell down her face
Talking from this podium
From a safer place.

She now has the strength of many
Instead of the heart of a child
One that dreamed of peace
Of just running wild.

Nobody took their eyes off her
As she explained her life
How abused she was
All the constant strife.

She told about a Barbie doll
Her step mother threw away
How she burned her arms
One terrible day.

You could have heard a pin drop
As she told of fate
How two people make a child
That they both hate.

How nobody wanted her
A little blue eyed doll
She got passed around
Like an unwanted call.

Then one day she grew up
Remembering her awful past
Luckily the anger and hurt
Never last.

She come to realize
She wasn’t really to blame
These people like to pass around
Guilt and shame.

But none of that was hers to keep
She now has the power within
A monster she never was
Was the woman that will always win.