Before you even said a word

In a moment of bitter haste

She said the words she knew would hurt

It would be her wrath you would taste.

I think she got a little upset

Started a great big war

Then in a moment of clarity

Didn’t remember what for.

I think you made her a little mad

Then thought she’d forget the pain

Like a blanket you forgot to wash

Then wonder why there is still a stain?

I think you may have pushed her over the edge

Maybe you didn’t think it through

While the world revolved before

That means it doesn’t revolve around you.

Maybe you crossed a line

She had drawn in the sand

You’ve heard the parable about the bird

To be grateful for the one in your hand?

Maybe you should take a step back

Now that she’s drawn the blade

Find the peace within this moment

Personal responsibility in the mess you made.

I think maybe you pissed her off

She doesn’t like your game

While you’re sore about the embers

This woman, she’s the flame.