I’ve not taken too many things seriously

I’ve shrugged many words off

As being misguided;

Or misunderstood. 

Feelings, so temporary for some

Like I’m a fad

That you like only until

Something better comes along.

And then.. 

I found something.. 


I don’t want to take this one back

I don’t want to just walk away

Want this to be the real thing

Want to hear everything he has to say.

I don’t want to end it all now

Or just hope for the best

I want to fight for it all

Like it’s the ultimate test.

I don’t want him to leave

Or have to beg him to stay

Want our love to be just the thing

That never gets in his way.

I don’t want to not care anymore

Or think this is a ruse

Think this is a great time

To have a beautiful muse.