We fade into a sunset

Then darkness fills the air

I breathe in a nice deep breath

Can feel you everywhere.

Smiles lead us to an aftermath

We aren’t quite sure we’re ready for.

But this time I can do as I please

And honestly, what is the score?

Children play in the middle of a road

We wander past in haste.

They say “those aren’t the important ones”

I guess some believe humans are a waste.

There is a grounded fury I can’t quite touch

A gentleness, deep within.

I know how we started this whole thing

I’m just not sure we’ll win.

Under the cover of darkness we hide

It is so much simpler that way.

I could honestly get lost in you for a lifetime

But I’m not sure you’ll stay.

Ample room to run and hide

If that’s what you like to do.

We can pretend we didn’t get lost today

If it is all the same to you.

While you dabble away at the eccentricities

I’m trying to reach the path.

Life, this never ending fairy tale

And me, now without wrath.

the unlovable