Like a dropped piece of paper on the ground

The one you decide doesn’t need to be picked up just now

That was me. 

An entire family made it their life mission

To prove to me, and themselves

That I was worthless. 

You just didn’t think it through

That maybe it’s not biology 

Maybe it’s about love. 


God told me he loved me first

Assured me he would never leave.

That people may come and go

But my heart would never grieve.

Then friends became my family

The brothers and sisters I lost.

Being born to the wrong two people

Couldn’t begin to tell you the cost.

It took the love of a great man

That I don’t have to worry about walking away.

He taught me that men that love you


God told me there was a huge difference

Between myself and that piece of paper.

They tried to make me feel so small

“But there is no way we would let her.”


My tribe walks past you in earnest

As we head out the door.

One of them turns around to you

“Pick that piece of paper up off the floor.”