I may be the moon that lights up a dull evening

But you are the sun that brightens up our days.

I may be the train that goes barreling down the mountain

But you are the sturdy tracks that lead the way.

I may be the throne, adorned in jewels and sat on by kings

But you are the honor that brings it respect and dignity.

I may be the dinner fed to a family, the smells and the layout

But you are the nutrition they require from all of it.

I may be the beautiful blankets adorning a bed

But you are the framework that keeps it together.

I may be the intelligence behind a formula

But you are the reason why it works.

I may be the rainstorms that bring water to a land

But you are the rainbow afterward.

I may be just a woman dearly loving a man

And you, the man that brings me together.

love poem