She won’t play games with you

Or coddle you while you play yours.

She won’t cradle a phone in her hand

Waiting for you to text her for hours.

She’s got a life to live

Little people to tend to

She doesn’t have time to worship

The likes of a man like you.

She won’t be counting the days

Marking the one you met

She won’t be marking all the anniversaries

That haven’t happened yet.

She isn’t a dreamer in relationships

We wants it real, and true

She wants a man that does everything

He says he’s going to do.

She isn’t waiting for a white night

Upon a fiery steed

She doesn’t want you to get anything

She isn’t made of greed.

She’ll fill your nights with pleasure

Your days blissful times

She is a dreamer, afterall

She writes these poetic rhymes.

But her heart is not easy to get

And it isn’t made of glass

If you want her, you better call her

Because she isn’t kissing your ass.

temptation lies