Born of greed and anger

Then left to deal with the aftermath

For a child, unbearable.


A phoenix spawned from fire

As she walks through the heat

It means nothing to her

The ashes became her past

The embers, her friends

The raging fire is her “now”

Her body, the vessel.


The two that made her, left

Family she was left with, never there

Nearly from the moment of inception, unwanted.


A rock thrown into a lake

From the angry hands of a human

The human, perpetrator

The rock, weapon

The lake, victim.

Yet the only reaction

In any of it

Are the soft ripples in the lake

When the rock enters.


Always looking for something;

The fire, the water

Someone to protect her.


Part of the storm that built her

Faded away into darkness

Which made it hard for her

To rage.

How does one hate a shadow?


Fraught with the anxiety

Of dealing with a life

She never asked for.


She will forever be searching

For that one safe place

That one safe person

That can save her

From the storm that built her.


innocence lost