Dusty wheels on the broken lift

That now doesn’t go anywhere.

You can feel the stench of popcorn in the air

The butter sticks to your skin leaving a greasy film.

Dust flies up as you take a step toward the carousel

You close your eyes and remember when this place was a flurry of activity.

Now silence has taken over the park, the only noise is you.

Sitting on the bench, you remember sitting right there with her

Remember the scent of her hair, and how she smiled

Time has taken its toll on both of you

Neither of you are the wiser for it.

You wish the carousel would move around one more time

That she was again, sitting right next to you

So maybe, just maybe, you could make everything right.

One day you will realize it isn’t as complicated as you think

It won’t be today, today you will sit on a very still bench

Thinking of everything you’ve done wrong, wishing it would all go away.