I want to move my way

Deep into his soul

Where I can unpack my life

Push the things out he doesn’t need

And live there, completely.

I want to hear “I love you”

And have it shake everything

I’ve ever known about love

Want to feel it in every part of me.

So much mediocrity in this world

So many are happy with whatever they get

I want a love that rocks this planet

That makes everyone jealous

Of what I have.

I want to sleep every night in his loving protection

Not worried about whether I’m good enough

Or pretty enough to even be there.

I want the kind of certainty

You can only get from death

But I get it in the life

I share with him.


But life has ruined him.

He probably was a great man

Capable of the kind of love I require

But too many lied to him

Too many used his heart

As their own personal weapon.

Too many moved into his soul

Only to destroy it

From the inside.

So now he knows the verbage

Because he’s let someone in before

But he can’t really do it

He keeps most of himself

To himself

And gives you

Whatever else is leftover.


There is no cure for this

Nobody can make him really try again

Nothing can get him to open his heart

Not even the strongest love

Or the most deserving of women.


It’s a shame we lose good men

To misfits and users

As much as it is a shame

We lose good women

To those who try to fix them.