I pushed the breather up against the wall

Because those who breathe, tend to speak

What they say, tends to elicit a response

Right this moment, I crave silence.

Born in the aftermath of hate

With no regard for the life they made

Pushed to the boundaries at

Every single fucking turn.

I’ve gotten up and failed again

Reached for what I thought was life

It turned out to be the darkness of death

And here I go on my way to fail again.


Now hush, you have nothing to say

That doesn’t help anything

Or anyone

Do anything.


Keep that opinion to yourself

Because trust me

It’s stupid

And nobody wants to hear it.


Don’t tell her you love her

Because honestly

If you can’t make her feel it without speaking

Then it isn’t true.


We look for the truth in life

Through talking and speech

When what we really should be doing

Is standing in silence.