All of the trust hidden within

Varies from day to day.

Sometimes we open the box

Nothing wants to stay.

Shells of ammunition

Not in it’s appropriate place

This is the time I’ve chosen

To show my real face.


It’s a tinderbox

A silly one, I’ve made it out of wood

I could easily strike the match in it

Don’t trust me, I would.


With varying degrees of certainty

I’ve opened this box of late

Within the hands of justice

But never, ever, trust fate.


It’s a tinderbox of secrets

Every lie, ever told

You can raise the bet to the lady

But you can never, ever fold.


Walking around with my box in hand

I was telling her about this war

She said “put the box down, silly

We aren’t fighting it anymore.”


Then sitting at the table

Covered in food from my favorite dish

I uttered the words between breaths

“Yes, but may I have another wish?”

all is not lost