The jokes you make

About family reunions

That you know I cannot attend

Because birth

Nor the terrible cost of fate

Made a family for me.


The sister you let come over

The one I remember abusing me

The one that cost me

My childhood.

Manipulated all her children

To hate me

For no other reason

Than whom I was born by.


The family photographs

The thousands of them

Between two families

I am absent from.


The birth mother

That in front of my face

Excluded me

From the count of her children.


What you tell friends about me

Behind my back.

What you tell me

Right to my face.


The rights of all

Are not the rights of one

When we lose



Adoption is a cruel punishment

For a woman who didn’t even ask

To be born.


You can stop punching me now

I don’t even feel it anymore.