You forgot the use of lace

In the very primitive forms of pride.

You lost the dictation of unrest

Though some say you tried.

She wants you to love her deeper

With a passion filled with lust.

A skint trace of unruliness

Until it all turns to dust.

Perhaps you can’t win the war

Within the trials of what was

Within you is a battle

Your reason? Just because.

You forgot to use the thread

That binds us both as one

I left a little reminder on the table

But you only found your gun.

You forgot about my dignity

My selfless use of pride

It is within us to fail

Then complain about how we tried.

We are all but petty humans

That don’t know what we are here for

There is something else more important

Sitting there keeping score.

We throw other humans away like trash

Play games on our computers

Laugh about the cost of one

Angry about the looters.

What if the cost of him

Was much more than yours?

You forgot again to put on the lock

When you chose to close the doors.

letting you go