When she writes you out of the blue

It’s because you’ve crossed her mind

And she wants you to know it.

When she wants you to hold her tightly

It’s because someone made her feel unsafe;

You are her rock.

When she tells you she loves you

She is saying it with everything she has in her

She needs you to see that.

When she apologizes for something

She is saying she knows what she did;

She would never do it again.


When she feels down

She comes to you for comfort

Where she knows it will be found.

When she makes love with you

She is giving you the one thing she has

She knows you will appreciate.


When she doubts

It’s because someone in her past

Made her doubt.

When she pulls away

It’s because someone before you

Changed their mind and left her.

When she yells at you

It is because someone before yelled at her

Made her feel insignificant.

When you know you are in her heart

Pull her back to you

Until she feels

Everything is alright.