Simple in design

Yet so complicated

That even she isn’t sure

Who she is.


Silence takes the atmosphere

Rips it completely apart

Sitting alone in an empty room

The woman protects her heart.


It’s when she is out and about one day

She realizes there is a leak

All systems fail at times

Sometimes she is weak.


Two shadows upon a wall

Making love one starry night

The feelings involved in it

Left her with absolute fright.


Chaos reigns in a woman’s heart

That has been hurt so much in her past

She wants a covenant written in blood

That states what you say will last.


Every night he comforts her

Every day he is ready

When she is scared and needs him

He embraces her, he is steady.


She never asked to be difficult

She doesn’t want to be his problem

But her fear

And the chaos

In her head

Won’t let her settle.


One side of her is calm and good;

The other is full of angst

Hidden anger and resentment to man

Everything is what she is against.


Sometimes he gets to see the bad

The fear that rests in her heart

The chaos that sometimes comes with a woman

That doesn’t ever want them to part.