This feeling came over me today

That I never got to tell you goodbye.

We never had closure;

We never talked about the end.

My mind replayed things I had forgotten

As I went to my email to ask how you were.

When I sat there though

Not quite sure of what to write,

I remembered the end of us

How terribly you treated me

How many promises you made

That you never, ever kept.

I remember the pain of betrayal

How even as I sat crying

You were trying to contact her

For your next hook up.

I remember being thrown away

Like I never meant anything to you

Like I did that necklace you gave to me

Because it got tangled

And irritated me

Like you did.


I closed the screen to my laptop

Looked at my phone to see if I had any messages

Wrote one to someone I know I can trust;

Someone I should be writing an email to,

Pouring my heart and soul out

Instead of hiding behind phone messages.

I decide that moment to do just that,

And began living my life.