She raises the roof

Takes the bull by the horns

Is the beautiful rose before you

With all its nasty thorns.

She puts her foot to the ground

Then raises the stakes

Creates a disaster

Makes plenty of mistakes.

Cries in lieu of the storm

Raises from the ashes at night

Silently sits while you talk

Then decides to pick a fight.

She is the fire you seek in the ice

When the cold has taken hold

A nasty respite in the summer

When you get this terrible cold.

She is everything you’ve wanted

Yet some things you didn’t know

You learn from her your meaning

Within a love, you grow.

In the meantime she is restless

You must learn to sooth her soul

Tell her she’s your diamond

And that shit is made from coal.

She’ll trample flowers in the field

Because it wasn’t their turn to bloom

Rip the chord of an angry sailor

Then quietly leave the room

You must the comfort she seeks

Answer all of her “why’s”

Be the reason when she stands on that cliff

That she lives, and not dies.


Because just now, she doesn’t care.