Trees line a dirt road

With the sun shining in front of us

Darkness behind us.

Why do we run back to the darkness?

Why do we reference it to the sun

That has no idea what we are talking about?


They’ve taken my mind

Wrapped it around some bullshit

They wanted to feed me

So they could get what they wanted.


They’ve taken my ass

Sometimes for their pleasure

Sometimes for my own

Sometimes the line was skewed, at best.


They’ve taken my heart


As they ripped it apart

For me to kneel down

Pick it up

And try desperately to repair it.


They’ve taken my legs

Taken me to places

I shouldn’t have been

Or didn’t want to go.


They’ve taken my arms

Used them for a night

Or more

To pretend they have someone

When I could have been anyone

They just wanted a human

Not me.


They have taken my song

Pulled words out of it

So they could rip me apart

Piece by piece

Leave what was left of my voice

Quivering in fear.


They’ve taken simple things from me

All of it, meaningless

When it comes down to it

Because there are places in me

Nobody has touched.


Touch them.