What did I do when you broke up with me?

I kicked a wall
Threw a fit
Punched a man
Flipped a tit.

Bought some gum
Then threw it away
Asked again
“what will I do today?”

Drank some beers
Then fucked a friend
Then told him this beginning
Was now the end.

I cried a river
Then stole the show
Thought it was a bit unfair
Then realized they would never know.

Drove a bus
Then crashed a car
Ran from the police
But didn’t get very far.

Made a suicide pact
With an angry moose
I lit the fire within me
Let the demons loose.

Hid the key
to an important lock
Kissed a stranger
Took a long walk.

Picked some flowers
To watch them die
Thought about getting out of bed
Then decided not to try.

Robbed myself
Of simple pleasures
Put every memory
Into simple measures.

Was told you weren’t worth it
By talking to a friend
So being who I am
I did it all over again.