When you find that perfect someone

That isn’t quite so perfect

They make you feel

Like you finally have a ‘place.’

They make you realize

Home is not a house

It is in the eyes

Of that person you love.


When you have loved someone so long

They feel like they are a part of you;

Like you could not live a day

Without them.

Their presence requires no accolade

Because as long as they are ‘there’

All is right with the world.


When you lose someone you have loved for years

You feel that part of you

Being ripped from deep inside

The core of your being.

It makes you feel trapped and lost

Confused and angry

Hurt and betrayed

Alone and afraid.


When you try to go on with your life

You feel like you are betraying the love

And betraying the memory

Of someone wonderful.

So you don’t allow a day to go by

Without thinking of them

Without speaking of them

So nobody forgets a part of you has died.