*Poof* He was gone

So I was left

Dancing with broken branches.

It was July and had begun snowing

But only around me

Which used to make me cold

But I found solace in it.

“See? He never loved you”

Did dances around my head

Then begun singing a song

That I couldn’t hear

But everyone else could.

I put on some cowboy boots

A tutu

It was green

Like the leaves

Before they turn.

I danced in circles with these branches

Pretending they were someone


That wanted to dance with me.

I realized just then

That maybe

I’m the only one

That wants to dance with me

Just now.


Hours tick by

Coffee is drank in earnest

For the lack of sleep.

Not because I am mourning

But because I feel so free.

I can finally be myself

Wear what I want

Sing what I want

Dump pounds of sugar into my coffee

Then complain I’ve put too much into it

And dump it out.

Nobody there to complain

Nobody telling me I’m doing it wrong.

Just me

And my dead branches.


Some time later

A friend comes to me

Looking very sad

“I am so sorry for your loss”

I look at her



Have I lost something?