Two bodies lie within inches of one another

Naked to the core of their being

Tender touching releases the feelings

That then become much more fervent.

What began as a hand running down a back

Ends with nails scratching deeply into skin.

A soft kiss upon eager lips

Ends with biting and sucking at her mouth.

Passion decidedly takes the atmosphere

While loving embraces turn to fervor and intensity.

Light moans turn to heavy screams in the dark

She… Grasping at sheets to keep steady

Him.. continuing to ravage her body

Grabbing for whatever he can

He takes a handful of her hair

Pulls her head back

Sucks deeply on her neck

As he plunges into her.

Passion and desire have no limitation

They don’t serve us

We, serve them.

His tongue licks wounds his nails left

As he pounds deeply into her

Loving her so much more

With every stroke.


carnal love