Run your finger across my lips

Or maybe touch them with yours

I don’t care what part of your body does it

I just want to be touched by you.


Touch your chest

Up against mine

As you grab up my hair

To kiss my neck

I don’t care how aggressively you do it

I just want you to touch me.


Come up from behind

Pressing your body firmly

Pushing me into something

Then gritting your teeth

As you describe to me

What you want from me

I don’t care how you tell me

Just tell me you want me.


Walk up to me

While asking about my day

Take off my shirt, bra, pants, panties

Bend me over the couch

While I describe to you what happened

I don’t care how you take me

I just want to be taken by you.


When I know that you love me

As deeply as you do

I don’t require your romance

Just your passion

And your desire

To touch me.