Does your voice crack

When you speak about me

In circles unaware of what we have?

Then you fumble for things

Even for words

Because I have taken over your thoughts?

Do I lay like a sleeping tigress in your mind

Only being woken

By the sudden desire of me?

The wanting of me,

Does it keep you awake at night?

Do you touch yourself to make it stop?

Does that ever really work?

Are there women in this world

That wish they were me

Having a man as great as you?

Are there men out there

Jealous of you

Wishing they had me worship them instead?

Are there couples out there

Wishing they had just a little bit

Of what you and I have in our love?

Did I take up resident

In your heart

A place you will always keep for me?

Did you know that your touch

Fixed everything

That everyone broke in me?

Does it take you much longer

Than anyone thinks it should

To explain what I mean to you?

Your soul leaves your body at night

While you sleep

Meets mine

Somewhere in the middle

Of where we are


Where we should be.