The world remains silent

On issues that affect so many

We long to be heard

We need to speak

You need to listen.


Voices in her head crack

They say she’s on the wrong track

Me, I just think we’ve got it wrong.

Her rape wasn’t instigated

But her truth always midigated

And I swear I heard someone tell her to deal.

Nobody wants to hear her pain

They whisper she was really to blame

And I’m here to tell you all the truth.

We should take her into our arms

Promise her no more harms

Then beat the mother fucker that caused her pain.

There should be those of us with open ears

That always listen, always hears

So the victims have the voice they’ve never had.

We should point them in the direction of love

Then swift justice from laws and the man above

Then cry a tear for everything this woman lost.

We could be advocates for change in here

Instead of covering our denying ear

And give these people the love they deserve.

Stop pretending this never occurs

Or that the problem is really hers

It is all of our burden in reality.

Let’s make her never feel alone

Give her our heart and home

And listen to her talk about her pain.



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